As Salaam Alaikum,

Just wanted to share the following public service information for those living in the Fayetteville, NC area:

Free COVID19 testing. A sister went to the below location for testing because she couldn’t get an appointment at a convientient time from CVS or FastMed and the dept of VA doesn’t do it unless you have symptoms. She didn’t need to use her insurance or social security#.

Please pass the information along to those that might need it. Don’t assume others know.

July 28th Tues 1-7 Kingdom Impact Church 2503 Murchison Rd, Fay, NC

list other county’s testing
NC DHHS COVID-19: Community Testing Events
Community testing events can last from one to several days. The table below lists events across the state. Many of these events provide free tests. Anyone interested in getting tested should contact the test site before they go to confirm testing criteria, availability, hours and registration.


Insha’Allah the ICF Shurah leadership will continue to monitor conditions as North Carolina moves into Phase 2 of the coronavirus pandemic reopening process.  It is the decision of ICF, as well as other local masajids, that the start of Phase 2 is still too soon to return to normal masjid operations.  We will monitor the results of the Phase 2 reopening and decide how to proceed as we move into Phase 3.  We all want to return to the masjid for daily salat, Jummuah, and other masjid activities as soon as possible.  However, we must do so in a responsible manner that Insha’Allah considers the wellbeing of all our community members, especially the most vulnerable.  The current requirements to allow us to reopen are too restrictive to comply with considering our community needs, financial costs, and personnel requirements.  As soon as we believe it is safe to reopen without such restrictions we will let you know.  Please watch for updates here on our website as well as on our Facebook page.