Jummuah Salat is conducted every Friday starting at 1:30PM.  The khutbah and salat is generally complete by 2:00PM.  ICF policy is to maintain this schedule throughout the year regardless of any time changes due to the change from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time and back.











July 15, 2022 Khutbah: Farewell to Dhul Hijjah by Brother David


Brother David’s Eid Al Adha Khutbah, July 9th, 2022


Brother Mustafa’s Day of Arafat Khutbah, July 8, 2022


Brother David Speaks on Making the Most of The Best Ten Days of the Year

Brother David Speaks on the Importance of Patience

Khutbah: Jummuah Etiquette and the Dawn Salat By Brother David

Khutbah: Dangers of Sectarianism By Shaikh Yaser Qadi

Khutbah: Taqwah By Brother David

Khutbah: The Dunyah is a Prison for the Believer By Imam Khalid

Facebook Link to May 27, 2022 Khutbah by Brother David on the Evil of Killing Children


Facebook Link to May 20, 2022 Khutbah by Brother Abdul Jaleel Mustafa on being Grateful



Fiqh of Janazah, Burial, and Jummuah During Coronavirus by Sheik Yasser Qadi

Khutbah Videos

Link to: Lectures from Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Knowledge





August 2, 2019 Khutbah: The Importance of Salat in the Masjid, Part 2, by Imam Hamid Mohammed


July 26, 2019: Imam Hamid Mohammed, Guest Khateeb, Wilmington, NC Masjid


July 19, 2019: Imam Jawad Rasul, Islamic Society of Augusta, Georgia: “Righteousness is not just Rituals”


July 12, 2019: “The Benefits of Slavery” by Brother David Haskins


July 5th, 2019 Khutbah Video: “The Importance of Salat in the Masjid”: Imam Hamid Mohammed


June 21, 2019 Khutbah Video: “A Day or Part of a Day” by Brother David Haskins