ICF administers an in-house sadaqah/Zakat fund and a food pantry program for the benefit of our local members.  Additionally, we partner with other local masajids to administer a Fayetteville Area sadaqah/Zakat fund for the benefit of Muslims throughout the greater Fayetteville area.  A portion of all monetary donations made to ICF are specifically set aside to support these programs.  And individuals may designate any amount they choose to donate specifically to maintain these initiatives.  All donations received that are designated for these programs will be allocated only for that stated purpose.    

How to Make Donations to the Sadaqah/Zakat Fund:

Mail your check or money order (please do not mail cash) designated for the fund to which you wish to donate and mail to: 

ICF, 2415 Rosehill Road, Fayetteville, NC 28311

  Local members may deposit check, money order, or cash in a labeled envelope into any of our donation boxes on site.

How to Request Sadaqah Assistance:

Fayetteville Area Program

Program Rules: FayettevilleAreaSadaqahRules

Request Form: FayettevilleAreaSadaqahRequestForm

ICF Local Member Program

Program Rules: ICFBoardRulesAddendum3Sadaqah

Request Form: ICFSadaqahRequestForm

Food Pantry Program

The ICF food pantry is a self-sustaining local program for the benefit of local Muslims in need of short-term food support.  It is restocked on a regular basis through the donations of local community members who are concerned with the dietary well being of our community members.   All food items to include: canned, dry goods, and refrigerator and freezer items are sorted and stocked in our on-site food pantry.  Donations may be made in the form of food items or monetary donations designated for the food pantry.  Distributions are made discreetly by community members to individuals needing assistance.  Anyone needing assistance, or who wishes to obtain food to deliver to someone who needs assistance, may contact any Shurah member to get access to the pantry.